Backyard Playing with Fatbikes and Packrafts During Breakup

So, I had a silly idea that turned out to be pretty much a silly idea. There’s a small creek drainage between some ponds at Creamers Field near our house that’s one of my favorite sections to ride in the winter. As spring set in, I went and had a look at it during a ride in early April, and it was all melted and flowing with lots of water. But oh, that looks like enough water to float a boat on! So then I thought maybe it would be fun to have the last in-town snow ride of the season combine with a packraft float of this little channel.

I can’t believe I talked Audrey into going with me. But it was actually kind of fun, we made a little loop out of it, and most importantly justified a dinner of burger and fries. Best part was that we rode from and to our front door. I’m not sure I’d recommend it highly (or at all), kind of a lot of work for a little reward. But, what else can you do for some afternoon fun at this time of year, right? You do get to see come pretty cool ice formations, there were a few bug hatches going on.

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