An abbreviated ski trip

Had a mildly adventurous yet unfortunately abbreviated ski trip in the AK Range. It started out inauspiciously when I broke through a frozen river and sank to my waist while Audrey and I were hanging out skiing around waiting for my trip partner. Fortunately I had an hour or so to hightail it to a gas station where a lot of paper towels were consumed in an effort to speed dry my boots, socks, and pants.

We headed in the day after a pretty big snow event with great weather. Did a lot of breaking trail up to knee deep on skis. Our route then headed deeper into the mountains and through some passes. At that point we got a weather update of an even bigger storm coming in. So decided maybe going up and into that might not be so smart. While changing plans and working out a different route, conditions got a bit worse. Blizzard conditions set in and we started getting into thigh deep snow on skis. At that point given our schedule and transportation logistics, we decided maybe we’d get the heck out while we could.

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